Brand Identity Design

Lulutho is a Johannesburg based wellness consultancy who offer tailored wellness strategies to corporate clients and educational institutions.

They know the importance of holistic wellbeing in any workspace and wanted their corporate identity to reflect their understanding of the value of human capital.

  • Logo Design

Lulutho wanted a sleek, simple and clean logo and corporate identity which could reflect the value of the individual within the context of an organization. Because Lulutho transform organizations through their wellness solutions I chose to draw inspiration from the process of alchemy (The art of turning base metals into gold, ie. creating value from nothing). I created a word mark that replaces the ‘O’ in Lulutho with the alchemical symbol for gold, or sun. Connotations associated with both ‘gold’ and ‘sun’ are extremely pertinent to Luluthos brand vision and ultimate message:

‘Lulutho’ is a Xhosa word meaning ‘Valuable’ and gold is classically considered to be an extremely valuable commodity; in this way, gold communicates great value.

The sun facilitates life on our planet and without it our existence would not be possible. In much the same way, an organization cannot exist or function without its employees; this communicates the idea that an organizations workforce is its driving life force.

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