Logo, Identity and Packaging Design

Verdura are a skincare company whose vegan, cruelty free formulations aim to target eco-savvy consumers.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Visual System
  • Website Design

Verdura wanted a clean and timeless workmark subtly hinting at the vegan nature of their product formulations; an eco-brand, but one that would not seem out of place among other high-end, in-salon skincare brands.

The Verdura logo-mark features a bold ‘V’ created, in part, by the silhouette of a leaf; emphasizingVegan’ and highlighting their preference for plant-derived ingredients.

Color Palette

An earthy and muted colour palette, natural and sophisticated, is used to discern the various product collections.

Peach represents ‘Normal’ skin which is characterized by an overall balanced and problem free complexion. Peaches are associated with being fine and worry-free (just peachy) and are also a classic representation of an average skin tone.

Dry skin requires hydration and so, naturally, would align with blue – the colour of water.

When skin produces too much sebum the complexion appears shiny and oily and there is a desire to mattify the appearance of the skin. This collection is represented by yellow which aligns with the sun and heat; conceptually offsetting excess hydration.

Sensitive skin is normally prone to redness and irritation and is easily affected by external environmental factors. Green, in general, is associated with purity and nature while mint is considered soothing and calming. Green is also the counter colour for red.

Typically the most expensive and advanced range of any collection; I have chosen brown to represent these products. They promise a return to youth (roots) – and brown represents the soil or earth which is the nourishing source of all plants and vegetation.

Peach – Normal


Blue – Dry


Yellow – Oily


Green – Sensitive


Brown – Mature


Dark Brown – Base Colour


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