Logo design for Team Chronos

Team Chronos

Logo Design & Campaign Conceptualization

by Shari Brews

TMS, a Johannesburg based Call Centre, enlisted my services to assist them in branding their team for Wesbank and Hollards Quarterly Sales Incentive – Clash of the Call Centre Titans. Assigned with the name ‘Team Chronos’, TMS asked me to create a logo and supporting collateral, as well as a general campaign and concept for their team. They wanted the outcome to be bold, striking and modern whilst still retaining a Greek feel.

Logo compositional structure for Team Chronos
Logo mark design inspiration - hour glass
Poster Design for Team Chronos
Icon designs for team chronos

Having many negative connotations, I thought not focus on Chronos as a god, but rather to shift the attention to the concept of time that he represents.

Subsequently the wordmark makes use of an hourglass which takes the place of  the letter ‘H’ in Chronos. The hourglass appears in the negative space created by that letter.

The theme is carried through to their tag line ‘It’s our time.’ which ties everything together and injects a sense of action and inspiration into the branding and overall atmosphere of the project.

Additionally I created a set of icons which each speak to an area of the incentive. Each icon, as a stand alone, represents an idea (Call, Sell, Participate, Win) but when repeated creates a modern but distinctly Greek pattern.

Poster design fro Team Chronos - Green
Poster Design For Team Chronos - Red
Poster Design for Team Chronos - Blue
Team Chronos Poster Design - Gold
Contextual image of designs for campaign
Branded T-shirt designs for Team Chronos

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