Protego Wealth Management

Logo and Corporate Identity Design

by Shari Brews

Protego are a Sandton based wealth management firm founded by Andrew Jones. They wanted a brand identity that conveys the ethos of their brand – old world, human-centric finance management solutions tailored to the individual, specific needs of their Clients.

logo and colour scheme design

The Protego logo mark, meaning ‘I protect’ or ‘I defend’ in Latin, takes its inspiration from the ancient Latin alphabet letter ‘P.’ This glyph serves to symbolically emphasize the letter ‘P’ of the word Protego(Protect) making it both the basis of and focal point of the logo mark; underscoring the importance of this word and its relation to the ethos of the brand.

To create the logo mark I repeated and rotated the Latin ‘P’ glyph around a central point to create a circle – which has classic connotations around promise and trust. I then evolved the circle into an abstract safe dial to subtly illustrate what it is that you are protecting – safes being typically associated with money and items of great value.

Only one of the Latin ‘P’ symbols remains unaltered within the dial, simply to highlight its importance and relevance within the mark.

branding and design

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