Brand Identity and logo design fro MJB Health

MJB Health

Logo and Stationary Design

by Shari Brews

MJB Health hope to partner with the NHS in creating a range of products aimed at assisting people with motor disorders. They wanted a logo and identity for the Company that is congruent with that of the NHS and subtly indicative of their partnership going forward.

logo design for MJB Health

I created a bold custom typeface which forms the letters MJB. The negative space between the ‘M’ and the ‘J’ creates an illusion of a forward facing diagonal line. This introduces movement and points to the idea of forward thinking and innovation.

I chose orange as the primary palette colour as it is both optimistic and accessible and offsets the logos otherwise stern, sterile appearance. Orange is also the widely accepted complementary colour of blue, which is employed by the NHS in their logo. This is both symbolic of the intended collaboration, and useful, aesthetically, when the two brands appear alongside one another.

logo design comparison MJB Health

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