Gijima Brand Identity Guidelines - Identity and Graphic Design


Logo Design and Brand Identity Development

by Shari Brews

Gijima are a Johannesburg based training institute with a focus, primarily, on call-centre sales performance. Through their workshops, seminars, sales interventions and training programmes they help organisations improve the performance of their sales teams. They have also branched out into recruitment, corporate wellness, consulting, learnership and accredited training. They required a brand identity that is recognisable across their umbrella of services but versatile enough to cater for each individual sub-group.

Gijima Business Card Design - Brand Identity Design
Gijima - Graphic Design - Brand Identity Design - Company Profile
Gijima Company Profile Design - Graphic Design
Gijima Brand Manual Design - Graphic Design
Gijima Brand Manual Design - Corporate Identity Design
Gijima Brand Identity Manual Design

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