Corporate Identity and website design

Design for Industry

Logo Design, Corporate Identity and Responsive Website Design

by Shari Brews

Design for Industry is a Johannesburg based industrial design consultancy focused on structural, mechanical and product design solutions. The nature of their work is highly meticulous with emphasis on detail, accuracy, quality and precision, and, as such, they wanted a corporate identity that would reflect these ideas.

DFI Letterhead and business card design
Business Card design

I created a geometric logo mark which incorporates the letters ‘D’, ‘F’ and ‘I’ in an abstract Tetris-like formation. The basic structure of each letter creates the foundation for the next, and each letter relies upon its counterpart to complete its form. In the same way that precision, accuracy and attention to detail are equally required for the success of a design project, so too are each of the letters in creating a balanced and structured whole.

Design for Industry logo structure
Design for Industry Website Design
Design for industry website layout design

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